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Card game Queen or a Deuce


In a card game, however, you cannot always assume that the probability of getting a Queen or a Deuce is always 7.69%. For example, if you are playing against one opponent who is holding two cards and you are also holding two cards. The remaining deck contains 48 unopened cards. After studying the values of your cards, you decide that you need an Ace. But, you have no Ace with you. This means that the Aces can be in the deck or two of them are held by your single opponent. If you believe that your opponent has no Ace at all, then, there are four chances out of 48 that you will get an ace from the deck. This is a probability of 8.33%. If you believe that your opponent is already holding one Ace, your chances of getting an ace from the unopened deck is reduced to 6.25%. This implies that with more opponents, your chances of getting certain kinds of cards have decreased.